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If you like to listen to music a lot but unable to find budget-friendly earphones. After, searching the whole e-commerce site I found some best 7 earphones for you under 500.

I read all the customer reviews and find detailed information about eac earphone so before dive into the article let's take a look…

Best Earphones Under 500 in India


2)SoundMagic ES11S

3)Infinity Zip 20

4)Boult Audio BassBuds

5)BoAt BassHeads 100

6)Mi Earphone Basic

7)Motorola Pace 110

4)Boult Audio BassBuds

Boult Audio BassBuds

Boult Audio is a high-end consumer electronics a company that designs and manufactures innovative audio products.

Boult is a rising brand in India able to grab sufficient market share.

Materials and Audio

The cables of Boult earphones made with Kevlar-reinforced cable. The finest quality built-in subwoofer and the stylish metallic driver's loupe not only looks good but also produces high fidelity audio. The micro-woofers supply a crystal clear HD sound and Flexible cable fastener for perfect grip.

Ergonomic Design

The ear tips are perfectly angled for an exact fit to your ear. You can use this bassbud whenever you go like jogging, biking, exercising for your maximum performance.

Adjustable Cable Fastener

The silicon adjustable ear fastener uses to fit into the outer earlobe cavity and prevent the earphone from coming off while moving and working out.

Metallic Design

The earphone is made with highly durable and lightweight aluminum alloy and design help to filter a wide range of sonic frequency directly into the ear canal.

Extra Bass

Boult’s Neodymium technology enables drivers to deliver extra punchy and deep bass with accentuates the warm mids and crystal clear sparkly highs

Built-in Mic

Condenser microphone for calls and Siri or Google Assistant voice command


Works with all OS, all Bluetooth enabled Smartphones, Laptops, PCs, Tablets, from all the brands

Most amazing is this earphone comes with Noise cancellation technology for uninterrupted music experience.

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As we all know JBL is the most trusted and one of the market leaders of audio and music industry due to their better built and sound quality.

This earphone is most budget-friendly earphones from JBL.

JBL True Bass

With this earphone, you can experience deepened notes of music with true JBL level bass which enhances your music session to next level.

Compatible With Voice Assistant

JBL C50HI is compatible with all android devices and you can also activate Google Assistance with a long press.

Bright & Trendy

It is available with bright and trendy colors like black, blue and red

One Button Remote Microphone

It comes with one-button universal remote with noise isolation microphone which enables you to answer and manage phone calls very easily without any disturbance.

Lightweight & Comfortable

It comes with three sizes of soft earplugs and an angled fit which makes the earphones more comfortable to be worn for longer hours.

3.5mm Jack

The L-shaped 3.5mm jack helps in easier connection to any kind of device you have.


This earphone comes with one year manufacturer's warranty.

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2)SoundMagic ES11S

SoundMagic ES11S

You might hear this name the first time but SoundMagic is Found in 2005 by acoustic design engineer Tony Xu. SoundMagic continuously improves its product on customer feedback. They innovating their product with the latest technology and best material.

One Button Remote

SoundMagic ES11S is coming with a mic and one-button remote. With this, you can answer calls and also play and pause music.

Powerful Bass

In this earphone, acoustic engineers  compute exciting sound with powerful bass and balanced musical details


The in-ear design combined with the right ear tip makes sure the sound is not lost or diluted. Sitting comfortably in the ear canal, the ES11S ensures hours of fatigue-free listening fun.

Suitable for Sport

With ES11S earphone you can comfortably use it while gym and jogging.

Comfortable Fit

It comes with three different types of silicone ear tips. One of these definitely suits your ear without any irritation.

Variety of Colours

You can choose from various type of colors like black and also a combination of black-blue, black-red, black green

Key features:

     Comfortable fit and distinctive design

     Powerful bass balanced with superb musical detail

     Good balance, precise reproduction

     Good noise isolation hear protection

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3)Infinity Zip 20

Infinity Zip 20

Infinity comes from the same company known as Harman by Samsung.

Deep Bass Sound

With this earphone, you can enjoy the deep bass of the sound that can refresh your day.

Voice Assistant Integration

Just connect zip 20 to your smartphone and you can easily access Google Assistance and get weather updates and music or call a friend.

Soft Earbuds

Designed to perfectly fit your ears, the ergonomic earbuds offer endless comfort. You can go the entire day enjoying your favorite songs without any discomfort.


With one-button remote with just one click, you can pick the call, play, and pause music do whatever you want to do.

Tangle Free Cable

A special 1.2m durable tangle-free cable is designed to give you a smooth, seamless musical experience that you truly deserve.

L-Shaped Connector

The L shaped connector comfortably sits in your pockets connect to your laptops and your phones.


Zip 20 comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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5)BoAt BassHeads 100

BoAt BassHeads 100

Boat Bassheads 100 is the most popular and bestseller earphone in India due to its efficient price and performance. It is a Amazon's choice recommended earphones.

Sound Quality

It comes with a powerful dynamic driver with speaker impedance of 16ohm which helps to deliver a rhythmic response on your favorite music.

Microphone and one Button

It comes with a microphone with one button. With the button you can pick the call, play and pause music and also enable Google Assistance by just holding it for a second.

With a microphone, you can able to talk to Siri or Google Assistance and also talk to your friends.

Long Cable

This earphone comes with 1.2-meter length cable which helps in ease of use.


The angled tip helps to fit perfectly at your ear comfortably. It also comes with three different types of earbuds for better customization according to your comfort and size.

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6)Mi Earphone Basic

Mi Earphone Basic

Mi earphone is also widely sold earphone in India due brand name,  price point and ultra-deep bass also.

Ultra Deep Bass

According to Xiaomi, they customize these earphones just for India. It includes 3rd generation balanced damping system that enhances sound and airflow produce a stereo effect and well-balanced sound.

Aluminum Sound Chamber

The aluminum sound chamber helps to deliver balanced sound and good treble performance.

The detail is Precisely Crafted

Aluminum chamber anodized to protect it from corrosion.and also gone through zircon sandblasting to make it scratch and slip resistant.

The AUX jack is bent at 45 degrees for longer durability.

High-Quality Silicone Earbuds.

The silicone earbuds are very gentle to the skin and it also provides better comfort for the ear.

Press to Play or to Answer Calls

Pause, play, answer, and hang up calls conveniently with the simple press of a button. Compatible with Xiaomi phones, Android, and iOS devices.

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7)Motorola Pace 110

Motorola Pace 110

Moto pace 110 is one of the best and comes with lots of features at just 300₹. If you don't wanna spend lots of money just for earphone then you can consider this earphone. I was reading customer reviews and mostly all buyer is very happy with this earphone.

Get Access to Alexa

You can access to smart assistance at just your fingertips. Do more with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistance.

1.2 m Tangle-Free Cable

Tune in to your sound, hassle-free, quickly and stay connected with a 1.2-meter tangle-free cable.

Perfect in-Ear Seal

The thump of beats, the clarity of treble, the crisp highs and lows slip into your ear in 3 sizes. Choose your perfect fit (large, medium, small) for comfortable and longer use.

Integrated Microphone

Enjoy one-click track change and call switching with Pace 110 integrated in-line mic and call button.

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So, guys, these are the best and most affordable earphone in India, if you have any kind of doubt then you can ask me in the comments section below.

Which of the above earphone do you like most?

Thank you for Reading!

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