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Going to the gym or traveling alone without music, it does not feel fascinating, haha. But which earbuds are suitable for you is it AirPods, let's check in this article. 

Today I am going to share with you some interesting things about Apple Airpod and Apple Airpod pro.

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1)Apple Airpod

Apple Airpod

In March 2019, Apple came up with its Apple Airpod, which is completely wireless, but you might be thinking what's new in the wireless available before Apple launches this AirPod. What's new in this AirPod...


Yah, It is entirely wireless, but it is way more advanced than the ordinary earbud with just one tap on the airport that is automatically on and always connected.

That's it, no wait, It can sense your ear when you take them out it gets automatically pause. No worries; it can connect to all your Apple devices, whether you're using iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or iWatch, it will give immersive sound quality at each apple device.


Hey Siri, Yes of course Siri is always there with you as your assistance. You can talk with Siri without reaching for your phone, say, "Hey Siri." With Apple Airpods, you don't have to check your incoming message by your phone; ask Siri, and she speaks your word just that easy.

Advanced H1 chip

In this Airpod, Apple came up with its new headphone chip H1, which helps to deliver a faster and stable wireless connection. With the help of this H1 chip, Airpod becomes two times faster while switching from one device two another, and it gives 1.5 times faster connection while you're on phone calls.

One extra thing about this H1 chip is that this chip drives Siri. This chip helps to deliver 30% gaming latency, So while listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, you'll experience the same and high-quality sound.

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Seamless music experience

Apple wireless Airpod has inbuilt optical sensors and motion accelerometer, which automatically control the audio experience while you're engaging with a phone call, enabling Siri or listening to music.

While using AirPods, there is no need to use both of the AirPods; you can use only one according to your convenience. On your ear, you can play and skip forward the music with just a double-tap.

Airpod knows your voice.

It has a speech detecting accelerometer which recognizes your voice and works with a beamforming microphone to cancel out external noise to deliver only your inner voice.

Wireless charging case

The Apple Airpods comes with a wireless charging case. To charge this wireless charging case, place it on the Qi-certified charging mat and the LED indicator present in front of the case; let you know when they fully charged. If you don't have a charging mat, you can charge a case with a lightning port.

24-hours of battery life

The Apple Airpod delivers 5 hours of listening time and 3 hours of talk time, but don't worry, the wireless charging case holds more than 24 hours of listening time. To charge your AirPods, you have to put AirPods back in the charging case, and with just 15 minutes of charging, You can listen up to 3 hours of music and give 2 hours of talk time.

Audio sharing between two people

AirPod comes with an utterly fantastic feature. With this AirPod, you can easily share songs between two sets of AirPod and control independent volume.

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2)Apple AirPod Pro

Apple AirPod Pro

Apple Airpod pro launched on October 13, 2019. But which things differentiate between Airpod and Airpod pro.

Let's see…


The first and significant difference between AirPod and AirPod pro is that pro comes with three different types of tips (small, medium, large).

Choose one soft, flexible silicone tip and get the best sound by ear tip fittest.

Apple Airpods are highly customizable, and earbuds help in active noise cancellation. According to Apple, this tip perfectly fits your ear shape, and vent helps maintain equal pressure.

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Active noise cancellation

Airpod Pro is the only earbud out there in the market with active noise cancellation that adapts your ear's geometry and gives a perfect fit.

When the AirPod Pro detects external noise, it starts generating an anti-noise of equal intensity, which helps cancel out external noise without reaching your ears.

AirPod Pro has an inward-facing microphone that listens inside your ear and cancels the unwanted sound with anti-noise. In AirPods, the noise cancellation is continuously adjusted 200 times per second for actual immersive, seamless music experience.

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Transparency mode

Apple Airpod pro has a force sensor on the stem, which helps to listen to the outer sound when somebody is talking to you with a natural voice.

Adaptive equalizers

Airpod Pro has adaptive equalizers that give superior sound quality and automate your music according to your ear's shape.

Powerful bass

Wireless Airpod Pro has a custom-built high-excursion, low-distortion speaker driver, which delivers powerful bass. The amplifiers present in the AirPod work with the speaker driver to remove noise and work with an h1 chip to adjust listening sound levels.

Amplifiers produce clear incredible sound, and it is battery-efficient and extends battery life, so you listen to uninterrupted music.

The Airpod pro also has an inward-facing microphone like the Apple Airpod, which adjusts mid and low frequencies to give fine audio tunes.

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Again H1 chip

Yes, Airpod pro also has an Apple-designed H1 chip that works way better than in Airpod. This time H1 chip employs ten audio cores that enable real-time noise cancellation.

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Force sensor

Pro comes with a force sensor with which you can easily control music, calls, and switch between transparency mode and active noise cancellation mode very quickly.

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Airpod pro makes the difference here as it is sweat and water-resistant. It has an expanded mesh microphone port, which improves sound quality in the windy situation.

24-Hours of battery life

The wireless charging case comes with more than 24 hours of listening time, and it is compatible with the Qi-certified charger.

With one-time full charge AirPods, a pro can give 4.5 hours of listening time, and the most amazing thing is with 5 minutes of charging. It provides 1 hour of listening time.


Just like the AirPods, AirPod Pro also enables Siri to say, "Hey, Siri."

With your assistance, Siri can control music, call, direction, change volume, and many more things without lifting your finger.

Act as two sets of AirPod

Just like AirPod, Airpod pro also comes with audio sharing the system in which you can share the podcast, music with two pairs of AirPods. Adjust volume separately on each AirPod.

Comparison between Apple AirPod & AirPod Pro

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