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As you know Coronavirus spreads rapidly across the globe and it's necessary to protect yourself and your family. There is a lack of Surgical masks and N95 Respirator, due to the excess demand. As the World Health Organization  (WHO) recommends everyone should wear Masks while leaving home or especially when outing in public places. But choosing the Mask which minimizes chances of transmission, it is essential to give attention to which type of material they have used as well as take a look at the mask designs that provide a good quality seal along the edges without allowing transmission of pathogens.

As we are living in the most crowded and populated country in the world, it is too much trying to follow physical distancing that's why it is essential to follow all rules like social distancing, handwashing, face-covering and also some 30 minutes of physical exercise for better immunity.

In today's article, i am going to share with

Types of face mask

There are mainly three examples of face mask if you want full information about these three face mask then click here...

       surgical MaskMask

       respirators, such as N95, FFP2, or the equivalent

       cloth face mask

WESTA N95 Anti Pollution Protection face Mask

If you are not kind of show-off person and your health is the first priority for you, then you can go for this Mask. WESTA mask is NIOSH approved and restricts particle size more than 0.6 microns. Which is sufficient to protect you from viruses. WESTA mask is the No.1 bestsellers mask on Amazon


Return Policy: Non-returnable


Save 78% on WESTA N95 Mask.

How to use a mask

NOYMI Anti Air Pollution Face Mask(3 Piece)

If you have a small family and you looking for a combo offer, then this might be the best deal for you.

This Mask has activated carbon filtration for exhaust gas. NOYMI includes respiratory head in this Mask.

This Mask delivers with no contact delivery.


Return Policy: Non-returnable


Save 47% on NOYMI Anti Air Pollution Face.

eCraftIndia Pack of 5 KN95 Reusable Anti Pollution Mask

Did you notice? 

This is not an N95 Mask, but it works like N95. This Mask is most preferable for prominent families. 
Mask is Not washable, but it can be reusable. Mask is made of Non-woven material.


Return Policy: Non-returnable


Save 72% on eCraftIndia Pack of 5 KN95 Mask.

Truvic N95 Anti Pollution Protection face Mask( Pack of 1)

Whether you need it for surgical reasons or to filter out dust, germs, smoke & pollen, masks are the perfect solution. Truvic mask includes carbon filter, which makes filtration of air more efficiently.

Adjustable nose-piece and a soft inner foam nose cushion help to ensure proper fit and increase worker comfort.



Return Policy:10 days


Save 50% Truvic N95 Anti Pollution Protection Face Mask.

Xtore N95 Ultra Comfortable Anti Pollution Mask(Pack of 1)

If you are looking for a washable face mask then you are on the right track. Xtore comes with a Washable anti-dust mask made of 100% cotton. It Provides Superior Protection For PM 2.5 Particles.

Xtore N95

Return Policy: Non-returnable


Save 57% OFF on Xtore N95 Ultra Comfortable Face Mask.


So, guys, this is some best face mask for COVID-19 if you have any kind queries regarding this then don't hesitate to ask me in the comment section.

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What is an N95 mask?

N95 masks can block 95% of particles of 0.3μm(microns) size. There are several types of masks, also like N99 and N100, with different filtration efficiency. All these masks are approved by the National Institute of occupational safety and health (NIOSH).

Is N99 better than N95?

Of Course, N99 is better than N95 due to more excellent filtration efficiency.

Does it matter what sort of Mask you wear?

Yes. Different types of face masks have different levels of filtration efficiency. N95 masks offer the highest level of protection against Covid-19 infection. But this Mask is costly and causes landfill waste, and it is very uncomfortable to wear for a long time. Generally, this Mask is reserved for health workers and those who work in healthcare industries.

How to make your own face mask at home?

1.   First of all, you have to take a tightly woven cotton cloth and cut it into a rectangle of dimension 25cm x 15cm.

2.   After that fold and stitch the top and bottom edges of your Mask.

3.   Then fold and stitch the side edges, also leave a gap for an elastic thread. 

4.   Now take 15cm long elastic threads and insert it through the side edges and tie tight.

5.   After all this, you have to tuck elastic knots inside the edges of the Mask and for neater finish stitch in the place.

   And here you're homemade the face mask is ready to fight against germs and pathogens.


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