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If you are looking for a great washing machine with efficient Working but don't know which one to pick due to lots of brands available in the market.

 Just throw all these efforts on my back, and I will show you different types of Washing machine and which one suits your style at the same time.

Let's begin…

There are two types of Washing Machine:

1)Fully Automated

In a fully automatic washing machine there again two types

     Top loading



Let's discuss the pros and cons of these two types of  Washing Machine:


1) Fully automated with top loading


     You can add clothes in the middle of the wash cycle.

     You won't face any kind of back pain due to loading at the top of the washing machine.


     It uses a lot of water.

2) Fully automated with front-loading


     It is energy and water-efficient.

     More cleaning ability.

     Most of them as a built-in heater.

     It has more storage capacity.



     You can't feed cloth in the middle of the wash cycle.

     It requires permanent water connection high pressure.

     It is more expensive.

     It is tough to move from one place to another due to its heavyweight.


3)Semi automatic washing machine


     Don't need permanent water connection.

     Use less water than fully additions washing machine.

     Cheap washing machine.



     It requires more space, but it has the wheel at the bottom so you can quickly move it.

     It requires manual intervention.


Today I will share with you 3 best fully automated front loading washing machine...







Bosch is a German manufacturing company well known for its excellent product across the globe. Bosch washing machine has a loading capacity of 7.5kg with a 165° swing door. This washing machine has added water protection with a magnetic valve to minimize the risk of leakage.

Long lasting performance

It consists of eco silence drive friction-free motor minimizes heat and wears for long-lasting performance along with quiet operation and perfect wash results.

Highly efficient

It comes with high-performance programs which allow you to clean your laundry with 20% less energy and reduce cleaning time by 65%.


It has a pressure sensor that uses to  detects half-loads and cuts water intake in half to avoid loss of water.

Gentle cleaning

It has wave droplets drum surface and flat side of the panels helps to clean delicate cloths gently and smooth beveled in the drum surface prevents your clothes from snagging while spinning operation.

Anti-Vibration technology

It has Anti-Vibration Side Panels which reduce vibrations and ensure greater stability during the washing and spinning process.

Anti-Tangle feature

Anti-Tangle feature to minimize tangles in laundry by up to 50% makes the fabric more gentle, so you can quickly iron it.

Technical Specifications




IFB(Indian Fine Blanks Ltd) is an Indian home appliances manufacturing company.

This washing machine has 6.5Kg capacity with 14 wash programs.

Aqua Energie

This washing machine energy the water which let detergent dissolves better to give clothes a softer wash.

Anti Allergen

It removes allergens that give you fresh, clean clothes that keep allergies at bay. Essential for homes with kids.

Laundry Add Option

It is the most exceptional front loading washing machine which allows you to open the door and add laundry during the wash cycle.

Ball Valve Technology

The Float Ball Valve lets the water out while keeping the detergent in. This technology prevents wastage and enhances the wash.

Express Wash

A specially designed program for smaller, lightly soiled loads. Perfect for your gym clothes!.

Voltage Protection

Monitors voltage fluctuations and prevents damage to electrical components.

Technical Specifications




If you purchase this washing machine, then you is tension free for 10 years? Because Samsung comes with a 3-year warranty on product and 10-year warranty on the motor. Samsung front loading washing machine comes with 7kg of capacity. This washing machine is more suitable for a family with 3 or 4 members.

Outstanding Cleaning With Bubbles

In this machine, detergent is turned into bubbles so that it can quickly penetrate into the fabric interstices to remove dirt easily. It can also washcloths in cold water (15°C)  and uses less energy.

Intensive Stain Removal

With just one touch you can enable Bubble Soak function which helps to remove a wide variety of stubborn strain very easily.

Works Smart. Stays Young

It has Digital Inverter Technology utilizes a strong magnet for quieter and more powerful performance with consuming very less energy that those universal motor. B in this technology brush is removed to provides outstanding durability.


It has a 20-year durability certification by the Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies in Germany (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker - VDE).

Extraordinarily Beautiful Design

This machine gives your home a very stylish look and feels the crystal holds the door in transparent white or ocean blue to provide the aesthetic appearance. The door handle is also 45 degrees higher, so it's easier to open.

Easy Troubleshooting

It has an automatic error-monitoring system using a smartphone app it detects and diagnoses problems at an early stage, which protects you from paying highly expensive repair bills. The most important app is available on Android and iOS, also.

Keep your Washer Fresh

Keep your machine hygienically clean. Eco Drum Clean removes dirt and up to 99% of odor-causing bacteria from the drum and door gasket. It uses soaking, pulsating, and high speed spinning, without harsh or costly detergent. It notifies you when it needs cleaning.

Save Time on Smaller Loads

This machine takes very little time to cleanse lightly soiled clothes. It comes with 15'Quick Wash, which cleanses dirty cloths in just 15min.

Gentle Fabric Care

It has a diamond drum which protects your clothes from damage and washes your clothes very effectively. This drum provides gentle cleaning on the very delicate cloths.

Hygienically Clean

This washing machine comes hygiene stream which helps to remove remained sorry and kill 99.9% bacteria and inactivate allergens.

Cleans Away Detergent Residue

It comes with stay clean drawer which ensures that more of the detergent wash away with water which also helps to remove all detergent residue.

Technical Specifications



So, guys, this is my opinion on front load washing machine if you want a separate article on top-loading or on semi automatic washing machine then let me know in the comment I'll be thrilled to work on your request.

Which of the above washing machine you like most?

See you in the next article till then good Bye.

Thank you for your precious time

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