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As you know there are two types of earphones available in Market wired and wireless. But wireless has a lot of limitation on is charging problem and other are they still unable to deliver sound quality as compared to wired earphones.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to best-wired earphones in India which delivers an immersive audio experience.

1)Shure SE215-K-UNI

Shure SE215-K-UNI

Shure is an American audio product manufacturing company and most popular for its excellent earphones and headphones all around the world. Shure products are quite expensive because they deliver world-class quality and engineered with cutting-edge technology.

So, let's comes to Shure SE215-K-UNI it comes with universal 3.5mm and microphone for apple and Android.

It comes with an attractive design and a transparent black body. It designs in such a way that they are gone perfectly fit in your ear more comfortably. It also comes with sound isolation which prevents you from outside noise.

Key features

One Hi Def Driver

Single Dynamic Driver produces clear sound with deep bass in a convenient and portable package.

Sensitivity: 107 dB SPL/mW

Frequency Range: 22 Hz –17.5 kHz / 21 Hz – 17 kHz (SPE)

Speaker Type: Single High-Definition

Impedance: 17 Ω.

Sound Isolation

Comfortable sound isolating sleeves block up to 37 dB of ambient noise. Sound isolation technology prevents outside noise from interfering with your listening experience, whether onstage or on-the-go. Shure Sound Isolating Earphones require a proper fit to achieve the best sound.

Detachable Cable

Detachable cable system enables multiple connectivity options for long-term device compatibility, upgrades, and ease of maintenance. See below for four different connectivity options, including Bluetooth, Lightning, USB-C, and Universal 3.5 mm.


Easily compatibility with apple/iOS and android devices with a 3.5 mm connection in one switch.

Inline Remote and Microphone

You can easily control phone calls, voice commands along with the accessible operation of volume and music playback.

Ear nosels

Zippered carrying case and different types of ear nose for your personalized fit and comfort.

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2)1MORE Dual Driver earphone

1MORE Dual Driver earphone

The 1MORE Dual Driver comes with patented armature to produce sizzling highs which are also uniquely inset with durable silicone covers for long-lasting performance and resilience. 1more's  patented driver has a triple layer diaphragm with aerospace grade metal inside two outer layers of PET and a resilient polymer, which greatly increases bass and midrange response time to improve definition, and fullness.

     1more earphones with microphone are Well, balance among mids, highs, and bass for more immersive music experience.

     It delivers clear and warm human voice with minimized dental sound for interrupted music

     According to 1more, it is more suitable for pop songs, string music, and absolute music, EDM.

     It comes with Hi-Res audio with the purity of music.

Sonic Balance

1more's headphones produce an evenly balanced frequency response to deliver you a precise representation of the artist’s intended sound. The angled ergonomic fit with multiple ear tip options ensure comfort, noise isolation, and deep bass.

Hi-Res Certified

1more's  dual drivers have an extended frequency range of 40,000 Hz. The music industry is transitioning towards Hi-Res audio and Dual Drivers can perfectly suited for your trend.

Stay In Control

All functions are at your fingertips with the in-line control box, housing a mic, volume controls, tracks circling and playback functionality. Seamless switches with fast and precision react.

Lightweight Yet Durable

A comfort-length, Kevlar fiber wrapped and TPE braided cable keeps it tangle-free for compact portability, plus an improved 3.5 mm L plug for better durability and security.

Cutting Edge Design

A perfected ergonomic fit and lightweight aluminum alloy body provides enhanced comfort and durability while still having an aesthetic appeal. An improved “L” shaped 3.5 mm plug adds extra security.

Expertly Tuned

These earphones deliver enhanced tonality across a broad range of music genres, warmly and emotionally.

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3)Sennheiser CX 300

Sennheiser CX 300

The CX 300 II precision noise isolating in-ear headphone from Sennheiser is the perfect option for people wanting to enjoy the noise-free hearing experience even when on the move

These lightweight in-ear headsets are extremely portable to carry, comfortable to wear, and look extremely stylish, thanks to their dynamic design and rich black color.

In fact, this dynamic design also offers the users an opportunity to experience a powerful, bass-driven stereo effect with greater sound clarity through the portable headsets.

 The dynamically asymmetric design of Sennheiser in-ear headphones coupled with a 1.2-meter cable adds to the wearing comfort of the listener.

Excellent Noise Reduction Features

One of the biggest advantages of Sennheiser headphones are their ability to minimize the noise or interference from the surroundings, giving the users high-clarity sound.

The high impedance acts as a natural filter cutting down on all the unwanted noises that could ruin your listening experience. In fact, the Sennheiser CX 300 II India comes with ear adapters of different sizes (S/M/L) to give the listeners a personalized fitting experience.

This further improves the overall noise attenuating ability of the gadget making it one of the best models in its category.

  •    Type: In-the-ear Headphone
  •    Colour: Black
  •    Design: In-ear canal phone
  •     Powerful sound reproduction and impeccable bass response
  •    Eliminates background noise
  •    Frequency Response: 19 to 21,000 Hz
  •    Impedance: 16 Ohms
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4)Philips Hi-Res Audio PRO6305BK

Philips Hi-Res Audio PRO6305BK

Philips Performance PRO6105 earphones are an ideal mix of performance, style, and utility. Those who refuse to compromise are treated to crisp highs and the kick of enhanced bass. Switch seamlessly to a phone call with volume control and mute at your fingertips.

High-Res Audio

Supports audio files with higher sampling frequency and bit depth than CD (16 bit/ 44.1kHz). For the listener, that means precision clarity at the high end and strong, smooth bass at the low end.

Designed for comfort

Philips PRO6105 earphones are designed with an offset ear tip that conforms more naturally to the human ear. Three interchangeable ear tips offer an optimal fit for almost any listeners.

Built-in controls

Built-in controls and microphone allow users to switch from music to phone calls in an instant.

Premium metallic finish

A vacuum metallization manufacturing process gives the PRO6105 its luxurious metallic finish. The result is attractive, comfortable, and sturdy earphones that will provide enjoyment for longer.

     Passive noise isolation for better sound at lower volume

     12.2 mm neodymium drivers for exceptional sound performance

     3 ear cap sizes for a personalized and perfect fit

     Sleek ergonomic design that fits securely and comfortably

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5)JBL Endurance Run Sweat

JBL Endurance Run Sweat

JBL is the most trusted brand from Harman and Samsun is the parent company of Harman.  JBL Endurance Run Sweat comes with one button for voice and call control along with a microphone.


The flexible two-way design allows you to wear the headphones either in-ear or behind-the-ear.

Never hurt. Never fall out

Thanks to TwistLock and FlexSoft technologies, these headphones are lightweight and ergonomically built to ensure a secure fit and stability no matters the workout.


Designed to endure and outlast your high intensity outdoor or indoor workout sessions in any weather conditions.

Hands-free calls

In-line one-button remote with microphone enables hands-free calling, allowing you to focus on your workout. A long press of the button activates Google Now or Siri.

Magnetic buds

Magnetic earbuds that allow for easy cable management when not in use.

     TwistLock and FlexSoft Technologies

     Magnetic Earbuds with Hands-free calling

     Quick Launch Access to Google Assistant / Siri

     IPX5 Sweatproof

     Wear the headphones either in-ear or behind-the-ear

     Light Weight Headphones

     1-year manufacturer’s warranty

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So, guys, this is the best 5 wired earphones with a microphone from my side if you have any queries then don't hesitate to ask in the comment section below.

Which above you would prefer for yourself?

See you in the next article till then Good-Bye 👋

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