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Surprisingly, I decided to make a separate article on Apple MacBook air 2020 because it is too intuitive.


For today's article, I am going to tell you everything about mac Air.


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Apple Macbook Air 2020


In the new MacBook Air 2020, the design is slightly similar to MacBook Air 2019. It comes with an apple design made with 100% recycled aluminum also available in three different colors silver, gold, and space gray.

Source: Apple

New MacBook Air has wedge shape tapering from thick to thin towards the front of the laptop. It is 0.63 inches thick and 0.16 inch thin. It is slightly thicker than the previous mac.

Easy to carry it everywhere because it is just a 1.29kg lightweight, portable laptop. New MacBook air 2020 has premium and durable hardware with retina display and slim bezels; it similarly looks like a MacBook pro.



MacBook Air comes with a retina display for razor-sharp picture quality. The screen comes with a resolution of 2560x1600 for over 4 million pixels, with 227 pixels per inch to experience immersive picture quality. It also has true tone technology for the automatic adjustment of the white point of the display to match your environment's color temperature.

Source: Apple

The true tone technology works on a multi-channel ambient light sensor, which helps to show a webpage and emails like the real page so you can read ebooks without eye strain.


New MacBook Air comes with a more magical keyboard than ever with a magic keyboard, which is first shown on the 16-inch MacBook pro. It has a refined scissor mechanism with 1mm of travel and delivers a quiet and responsive typing experience.


Apple comes with the inverted-T arrow keys, which helps you to find the arrow keys without looking down. This keyboard also comes with the backlit to type in the dark rooms without turning on the light.


Apple says it is a Force Touch Trackpad, which is 20% larger than the previous one. Apple removes the old buttons and includes the set of force sensors that give the same response if you touch anywhere on the trackpad.


With just a light press on the Force Touch Trackpad gives a regular click and the deeper press provides a different gesture like showing the meaning of a word while reading an ebook.


New MacBook Air comes with two USB-C Thunderbolt 3 all in one port. The Thunderbolt 3 MacBook can support 4K,5K, and 6K and connect to GPUs for faster graphics when it is essential.


It has twice the speed of thunderbolt 2, delivers the speed of 40Gbps while data transferring, and gives fast charging. It can easily connect with a cable or adapter.


USB-C port also supports USB 3.1-second generation, which has a transfer speeds up to 10Gbps.


Additionally, it has a 3.5mm audio jack on the other side of the device. There are only three ports on the MacBook air 2020. Apple also removed the USB-A port and SD card slot, which is present on the previous-generation MacBook Air.


Processor and GPU

The Apple Macbook Air 2020 comes with Intel's i7 10th-generation processors of 1.2GHz quad-core with extra Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.8GHz, and it has Intel Iris Plus Graphics. Apple's first time comes with a quad-core processor for MacBook air 2020.

Processor and GPU

Apple says that the new MacBook Air can provide 80% faster graphics performance and two times quicker CPU performance compared to the previous generation MacBook Air. According to the benchmark test, the new MacBook air is approximately 76% faster than the last mac.


Apple MacBook Air comes with 8 GB RAM of 3722MHz, but you can expand it up to 16GB of RAM.

T2 Chip

The Macbook air has a T2 chip, which is designed by Apple to make mac more secure. It has a built-in secure enclave to protect your data with on-the-fly data encryption for storing all your data in SSD and fully encrypted. This chip also makes sure the software is loaded when booting up your mac to free from malware.

T2 Chip

This T2 chip enables an always-on "Hey Siri" feature, so there is no longer a need for the "hey Siri" button to activate Siri.

Read more about hardware security

Touch ID

New MacBook Air has a Touch ID fingerprint sensor located precisely aside from the function key at the top of the keyboard. This touch id is powered by the T2 chip, which can save your data from malware and accessed by other people.

Touch ID

Now in Apple's Macbook air instead of a password, you can unlock your mac with just one touch. Touch Id also replaces password for password-protected apps. You can also pay with this Touch Id in apple pay while purchasing the safari.

Battery Life

The MacBook air comes with a 49.9 watt-hour lithium battery that lasts for 11 hours while you are browsing the web and can stand up to 12 hours while watching movies on Apple TV. You can charge this laptop by using USB-C with a 30-watt USB-C adapter.


The New MacBook Air supports 802.11ac wi-fi and Bluetooth 5.0. It does not support wi-fi 6. However, no device to date supports wi-fi 6.

Speakers and Microphone

Apple MacBook Air has stereo speakers with broad stereo sound support for playing music on Spotify or iTunes. It also has three array microphone along with directional beamforming for facetime calls.

FaceTime Camera

It has a 720p HD camera built into the front of the mac for facetime calls. It is a 720p front-facing camera, which is the same as in the last few years.


The MacBook comes with a Solid State Drive(SSD) of 256GB storage. You can easily expand it up to 2 TB, which is incredible storage capacity.

Full technical specification of MacBook air 2020

Which laptop should you buy?

You might think this question is challenging, but I am going to share a simple hack to buy any product. Just ask yourself, what are your requirements? Why do you want a laptop? Just take a minute to relax and ask yourself. Take a pen and pad and note down your purpose as you need for video editing, gaming, study, office work. If you are a student, you have to find lightweight and portable, which also has a long battery life. Your aim is gaming; then you can go for a windows laptop. But if you are a student, then a MacBook is made for you.


Windows vs. MacBook?

If you are more connected with windows, then you might be thinking the

MacBook is very expensive, I can't afford the MacBook. But just look at

my story, I have two friends, one bought a Dell laptop at 63k, and another

bought an Apple MacBook Air at 56k. I used both of these laptops; genuinely speaking from my experience, the MacBook doesn't lag a single time. However, it is a previous generation mac, and the dell laptop hangs much time while ordinary uses.


Why Mac?

People don't buy Apple products because of their world-class quality only but also, trust that they build throughout 44 years. Apple just doesn't want to gain customers, but they are more focused on building customer relations.

 Apple is more famous for its customer support service. Generally, a MacBook doesn't require repairing, but when it comes, it is more costly. If you're an iPhone user, your text message sync over MacBook and also attains your phone call on Mac. If you have an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, it becomes a super rocking combo of gadgets.


Apple always gives a FREE Version of macOS updates.macOS is very easy to use and safe.


MacBook has a highly stable operating system and premium hardware and excellent built quality. It has a powerful GPU, and most important is that you use Windows on the MacBook.


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