Beginner guide for smartphone processor

The processor is also known as the Central Processing Unit (CPU). CPU is an electronic circuit that executes instructions that are given by a computer program. 


Basically, the CPU performs logic, arithmetic, controlling, and input/output operation which is specified by the instruction in the program. The principal component of the CPU is the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) to perform logical operations.

Most of the modern devices such as automobiles and smartphones use microprocessors. The clock rate is one of the important characteristics of the CPU. The clock rate is also known as clock speed. Clock rate actually refers to how many clock cycles a CPU performs per second.

The unit of clock rate or clock speed is Hertz. We are most familiar with the kiloHertz(kHz), Megahertz(MHz), GigaHertz(MHz). Let take the example of 2.2GHz  it means it performs 2,200,000,000 cycles per second.

On this, we can conclude that the more the clock speed faster your computer executes the operational instruction given by the computer program. 

The CPU used in our smartphone is ARM-based which is way faster than our personal computer processor. But first time in history Apple comes with the worlds’ fastest chip known As the M1 chip. 

Apple M1 chip is incorporated with 16 Billion transistors. Which makes it the fastest processor in the world that ever used in a personal computer.

Performance of CPU is very important in order to successfully execute the daily instruction given by us. Clockrate of the CPU plays a vital role while comparing one chip with another.

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If you have any doubt or any link does not work then please let us know

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