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As we are leaving in the era of smartphones where each and every person holds nothing but the smartphone in their hands. So it becomes much more important which type of body material is suitable for us and our smartphone. If you stay with me till the end then you’ll probably know which smartphone body material of a smartphone is great for you.

Let’s begin, there are three types of material mostly used in the smartphone as body material.


While considering the metal for smartphones most of the smartphone is made from aluminum alloy, Which mixed with magnesium to increase its strength. Two types of alloys are commonly used for body material:

  • Magnesium-aluminium alloy
  • Titanium-aluminum alloy


Aluminum is a lightweight and cost-effective material. Which is more recyclable than other metals. So it is used in iPhones, MacBook and other well-known brands like Samsung, HTC, etc. 



Nice appearance


Premium feeling

Good conductor of heat 




Blocks high-frequency radio waves



The body of most of the smartphone is made from Polycarbonate(PC). The polycarbonate has a tendency to resist weak acid and alkali. It is also fire and wears resistance. The well-known brand like Samsung used PC in their galaxy note series. As plastic is cheaper than metal and very light in nature.



No antennae are required


High strength

High Impact resistance

Low cost



Less Hydrolytic stability

Turns yellow when exposed to UV light

Poor conductor of heat



The chemically reinforced glass is mostly used in smartphones. At the initial stages Metal frame + Glass back is most popular in the market due to the shiny look of the glass and durability of metal. The  phones like Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S9 use glass as the back of the smartphone.



Scratch resistance

Shiny appearance

Suitable for wireless charging

Cheaper than metal



Break easily

Not suitable for fingerprint

Limitation in design


Which body type is best for you and your smartphone?

Actually, it depends on your requirement and priority. If you like a shiny appearance but you can compromise with strength then the glass will probably be the best for you.

But durability and fingerprint to run well than metal body type are good for you. But if you want a lightweight but durable smartphone then plastic is the best option for you.

I leave this decision up to you to let me know in the comment section below


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