Different types of sensor used in smartphone and its function

1)Fingerprint sensor

As names say everything about this sensor, it used to detect accurate fingerprints in the smartphone. Fingerprint sensors provide extra security to your smartphone while payment and general purpose.

Fingerprint sensor

Types of fingerprint sensor:

1)Capacitive fingerprint sensor

2)In-screen fingerprint sensor

2)Ambient light sensor

This sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of your mobile phone screen according to the amount of light present around you. This makes the screen comfortable to read and watch. Ambient light sensor also works with proximity sensors which prevent misoperation of the smartphone inside your pocket.

smartphone sensor

3)Proximity sensor

This sensor recognizes nearby objects which eventually turn off the display. You might observe this while receiving a call, your display automatically turns off. This sensor prevents unwanted operations while we are talking with someone.

4)Compass / Magnetometer

This sensor provides a compass-like experience while mapping navigation. That locates the exact position more precisely.

5)Accelerometer (Gravity sensor)

This sensor allows us to switch over the device from landscape to portrait. This sensor also counts daily steps and recognizes viewing orientation. It also helps with the identity motion gesture of your smartphone.


This game usually plays a role while playing somatic games which allows you to move your device according to the gaming view and also helps to navigate the device when GPS services are not available.

Gyroscopes also play a vital role while using VR, panoramic navigation, and  3D photography.


Barometer sensor works with GPS to measure the altitude when you are under an overpass or inside the building. It also corrects the altitude measurement.

8)Iris scanner

Iris scanner identifies the human eye retina to unlock the phone. This sensor is used for the security purpose of your phone. The brand to implement this sensor is Samsun

Iris scanner

g. Initially, Samsung introduced an iris scanner in
Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.  Later on, Samsung introduced this sensor in S9, S9+.

9)Heart rate sensor

Heart rate sensors measure heart rate by measuring the change in the volume of blood through any organ of the body. Heart rate sensors are used by many brands but Samsung continuously uses this feature in their high-end phones like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Heart rate and SpO2 sensor

10)SpO2 sensor

The SpO2 sensor measures the proportion of oxygen in oxygen-carrying molecules in the blood. This sensor also obtained high-end Samsung smartphones.

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